Sunday, 8 September 2019

Cali has been to Woolacombe

We have had another last minute booking as the forecast for the weekend was good again.  As Steve still can't wear his walking boots, we booked the Willingcott Caravan Club Site so we could walk the cycle track into Ilfracombe which is an easy walk for him.

On Saturday we walked to Ilfracombe as planned and spent the day around the town and harbour, visiting St Nicholas Chapel where we had a good view of Damien Hirst's Verity whilst eating our lunch.


After lunch we walked back to the site, noting all the footpaths we can walk on our next visit.  Once on site, it was shoes off to enjoy the sun outside of Cali.  As this can be a windy site we had found a lovely sheltered pitch behind a Devon Bank so it was very warm to sit out for the afternoon and early evening.

Pitch 39 Willingcott

The weather was glorious on Sunday morning, so we packed up after breakfast and drove down to Woolacombe for a short walk towards Combesgate Beach before heading back to Cali and returning home.

Woolacombe Beach

We both love North Devon, so this is definitely a site for us to return to next year.

6-8 September 2019

Monday, 2 September 2019

Cali has been to Devizes

We hadn't got anywhere booked for this weekend, but when we checked the forecast it was for a fine weekend so we made a last minute booking at the Camping and Caravan Club Devizes Site.  As Steve was working all day on Friday we booked Saturday to Monday for this weekend.

After an early start on Saturday we visited Stourhead again to see the gardens in a different season and to have an easy walk as Steve was still having problems with his foot.


We arrived at the site early afternoon and were met with a very warm welcome by the Site Managers.  We had a choice of pitches and settled on one that was sheltered by hedges and wasn't too far from the facilities block.

 Pitch 69 Devizes

The site is close to the Kennet and Avon Canal so we walked the tow path, past the Caen Locks to Devizes.  This was another easy walk, but not so easy for those on the canal to get through 29 locks which have a rise of 237 feet over two miles!

Rowde looking up Caen Locks

All too soon the weekend was over and it was time to return home on Monday.  This is definitely a site to return to as there are plenty of other footpaths near the site, not just the canal tow path.

31 August-2 September 2019

Monday, 26 August 2019

Cali has been to Tintagel

We decided to go to the Trewethett Farm Caravan Club Site at Tintagel for the Bank Holiday weekend.  We stayed there nine years ago when we had our caravan, but this is the first time we'e visited with Cali.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon and as it was Bank Holiday weekend there were very few pitches left, but we found a lovely sheltered pitch on a grassed area at the edge of the site.  The site is on top of the cliff and we remembered from our caravan visit that it can get very windy, so we were glad to have some shelter from a hedge.  After setting up we sat out to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

Pitch 14 Trewethett Farm

Unfortunately Steve has had problems with his foot so we didn't do as much walking as we had planned, but on Saturday he was able to walk the coast path to Tintagel.  The coast path passes the edge of the site and it a lovely, and challenging, two mile walk into the village.

From Willapark looking back towards Trewethett Farm

Tintagel isn't one of our favourite villages.  It was very crowded and there are too many tacky gift shops - it's also very overpriced.  It was interesting to see the new £4m bridge that links the castle to the mainland - there were so many people walking across the bridge it looked like a line of ants!

Tintagel Bridges

The day got much hotter in the afternoon, so we were glad to get back to Cali mid afternoon.  We sat outside for a while until it got too windy and we retreated inside Cali.

On Sunday we walked in the other direction to Boscastle, which is a village we both like.  The weather was completely different from the previous day - very cloudy and a lot cooler which was much better for walking.  Although Boscastle was busy (as expected on a Bank Holiday weekend) it wasn't as crowded as Tintagel had been on the previous day.

Boscastle Harbour

It's hard to believe that it's fifteen years since the Boscastle Floods - hopefully that's an event that won't be repeated. After lunch we had a potter around a few shops, a pot of tea and cake and enjoyed all the activities that were taking place on the quay. Again, we walked back mid afternoon so Steve could rest his foot.

On Monday we had a lazy morning on site before heading back early afternoon.  This is a lovely site in a fabulous location, but there does need to be some upgrading of facilities.  It was one of the most expensive sites we have visited this year but had some of the worst facilities.  Hopefully there will be some upgrading work before we return.

23-26 August 2019

Monday, 5 August 2019

Cali has been to Cheddar

As it was my birthday last weekend, I got to choose where we went for the weekend and chose Cheddar Caravan Club Site.  We had never visited this site before although it had been on our 'places to stay' list.  After a long journey on Friday - the M5 is always very slow on a Friday afternoon - we arrived at the site and set ourselves up on a lovely sunny pitch.

Pitch 57 Cheddar Club Site

On Saturday morning I opened my cards and presents whilst still in bed!  After breakfast we headed out for a circular walk called 'The Other Side of Cheddar'.  We walked from the site to the Gorge (about 20 minutes), climbed to the top and walked the path along the one side for some stunning views.

 Halfway along the Gorge towards the reservoir ...

... and in the opposite direction

After walking down to the car park we crossed to the other side and walked through the Nature Reserve and along the valley at the bottom of the other side of the Gorge.  Unfortunately it poured with rain on our return journey so we didn't get the camera out of our bag to take views of the other side of the Gorge - we'll leave that until our next visit.  We had a treacherous descent as the rocks were so slippy so we headed to Cafe Gorge for a pot of tea and cake.  By the time we had returned to the site we had dried out, the sun was shining and it was a glorious evening to sit outside Cali.

After our challenging walk on Saturday we had an easier day on Sunday.  In the morning we pottered around a local car boot sale and then walked into Cheddar to look around some of the shops.  The afternoon was spent on site and as we had booked a three night stay, we had another night in Cali before returning home on Monday morning.

Another lovely Cali weekend and a beautiful site - definitely one to return to in the future.

2-5 August 2019

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Cali has been to Northumberland

We visited Northumberland a few years ago before we had Cali and loved the area, so decided to return this year, stopping at five different sites over 16 nights.

After a long journey on Friday, our first site was the Haltwhistle Camping and Caravan Club Site.  This was a pretty site on the bank of the River Tyne and we had a lovely sheltered pitch with the river behind us. There were also plenty of footpaths from the site to explore the local area.

Pitch 11 Haltwhistle Club Si9te

On the first day we walked from the site to Haltwhistle (the Centre of Britain) and had a walk around the town before heading for Hadrian's Wall.  We walked along part of the Wall to Milecastle 42 at Cawfield Crags before heading back to Haltwhilstle and our site.

Hadrian's Wall from Milecastle 42

As the previous day's walk had been quite challenging, we decided to have an easier walk on our second day, especially as rain was forecast in the afternoon.  We walked from the site along the South Tyne Way (an old railway line) to Lambley Viaduct for some stunning views.  It was only when we returned to the site we regretted not walking down to take a photograph of the viaduct, but we'll do that on our next visit to Northumberland.

View from Lambley Viaduct

On Monday we travelled across to the Old Hartley Caravan Club Site at Whitley Bay for another three nights.  We knew this would be a windy site as it's on the top of the cliff and even with a sheltered pitch we didn't put the roof up for the first night.  We also left it down when we went out the following day - better to be safe than sorry! Our first day's walk was along the Coast Path past St Mary's Lighthouse, through Whitley Bay to Tynemouth.  This wasn't our normal coast path walking as most of it was along footpaths, but we enjoyed spotting locations from 'Vera'.

St Mary's Lighthouse on the way out ...

... and on the way back

When we returned to the site the wind had dropped to a slight breeze, so we were able to put the roof up and sit outside.

Pitch 55 Old Hartley Site

On our second day we walked the coast path in the opposite direction to Seaton Sluice and the Port of Blyth.  As with the previous day's walk, most of the coast path was along footpaths by the side of the road, but there were plenty of interesting places to visit.

Seaton Sluice towards Blyth

Our next site was at Spittal where we stayed at Berwick Seaview Caravan Club Site for four nights.  This is another exposed site but we found a lovely pitch on the lower level - we didn't have a sea view (like most of the pitches) but it was sheltered.

The first day's walk was following the Lowrie Trail through Spittal, Tweedmouth and Berwick and also the Castle Walk in Berwick.

 View from Meg's Mount over Berwick

One of the reasons to spend and extra day at Berwick was to visit Edinburgh, a city neither of us had previously visited.  On Saturday we caught the train to Edinburgh and initially walked through Leigh to Ocean Terminal to visit the Royal Yacht Britannia.  We couldn't get a good view from the outside but took the self guided tour which was interesting and not too expensive for the time we spent on the yacht.

In the afternoon we walked to along the Royal Mile between Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle, although we didn't go into either - that will be for our next visit.

Holyrood Palace

Edinburgh Castle

On returning to Berwick we went for a meal at Foxtons Wine Bar before walking back to the site.

After our busy day in Edinburgh we had an easy day on Sunday.  In the morning we walked the Castle Parks Trail in Berwick before returning to the site and spending the afternoon at Cali.

Coronation Park towards River Tweed

Pitch 22 Berwick Seaview

Our next site was the River Breamish Caravan Club Site at Powburn.  This was a fabulous site and one of the best sites we've ever visited.  The pitches were spacious and there were plenty of walks around the site and nearby nature reserve.  The weather was glorious on the day we arrived so we made the most of it as the forecast wasn't good for the following day.

Pitch 50 River Breamish Site

Sadly the forecast was right and it was very wet on our first day.  We spent the day on site, sheltering in Cali when the rain was torrential and going for short walks around the site when it eased.  Luckily the weather was better on our second day and we had a lovely walk through the Brandon Nature Reserve and Ingham Valley to Brough Law, part of the Hillforts trail.

View from Brough Law down Ingram Valley

Our final site was the Dunstan Hill Camping and Caravan Club Site.  Although our travel day started wet and we packed up in the rain, it soon changed to a hot and sunny day.  On arrival we had a choice of pitches and chose one at the edge of the site.  After setting up we took the woodland path from the site to the nearby golf course for a drink before returning to the site.  When we returned the site had got much busier, thankfully we had chosen a pitch on the edge of the site as the middle section was very crowded - definitely one our least favourite sites but it was in a good location.

On our first day we combined two of the Northumberland trail walks.  We walked inland to Craster and then to Howick before returning to the along the coast path.  On the way back we visited Dunstanburgh Castle, although it's an English Heritage site members of the National Trust also get free entry.  One of the towers has had some conservation work done so we could climb to the top for some photos.

From top of Dunstanburgh Castle

Pitch 7 Dunstan Hill Site

On our second day we caught the bus to Bamburgh and had breakfast at The Victoria Hotel before meeting my nephew and his family who were on holiday at Seahouses.  As they live in Scotland and we live in Devon it's been ten years since we last saw my nephew and his wife and this was the first time we had seen their children.

Bamburgh Beach

After a couple of hours playing on the beach we walked along the coast path back to our site - a lovely end to the holiday.

It's been a lovely holiday staying on five different sites (River Breamish was our favourite and Dunstan Hill our least favourite) and plenty of different places visited.  After 16 nights in Cali it was time for the long journey home but we'll definitely return to Northumberland again.

28 June-14 July 2019

Monday, 17 June 2019

Cali has been to the Malverns

Steve's aunt and cousins were visiting his parents and wanted to meet us.  As they weren't arriving in the in the country until Saturday we decided to visit on Sunday.  It was also a good opportunity to have another couple of nights in Cali and we booked two nights at the Malvern Hills  Caravan Club Site.

On Friday we had a phone call from the site staff to say that they had closed all the grass pitches due to the heavy rain and had had to cancel a lot of bookings.  Fortunately our booking was okay although we had been moved to a smaller pitch.  We travelled up on Saturday, driving through both torrential rain and lovely sunny weather.  Our pitch was tucked away in the corner of the site in a , but it was very sheltered - we also pitched with the rear facing the direction of the wind.

Pitch 168 Malvern Hills

It only took about 15 minutes to pack away on Sunday morning and drive across to see the family.  After a tiring visit we we glad to return to our pitch and another overnight stay before travelling home on Monday.

15-17 June 2019

Monday, 10 June 2019

Cali has been to Hereford

It was Steve's birthday on Sunday - so he got to choose where we went for the weekend!  He chose Lucksall Caravan and Camping Park near Hereford.  This is a private site that's affiliated to the Caravan & Motorhome Club and not one we've visited before.

The weather on Friday was awful, very windy and heavy rain so we didn't have the best of journeys.  Pitches are allocated, but ours was a lovely spacious pitch in The Oaks, near to one of the toilet blocks.  After setting up in the rain, which only takes about 15 minutes, the sun came out so we could dry everything.

On Saturday the forecast was for more showers and as we didn't want a wet walk we caught the bus into Hereford.  After a potter around a few walking shops and lunch at The Cosy Club we caught the bus back to the site to enjoy the afternoon sun.

Pitch 114 Lucksall

On Sunday the forecast was a dry morning and heavy rain in the afternoon so we set off in the morning for a walk to Fownhope.  About a mile into the walk we were caught in a heavy storm and got soaked so decided to retrace our steps back to the site to dry out.  By mid afternoon the sun came out (not the weather that had been forecast) and we managed to get everything dry.  As everywhere was so muddy after the storm we decided to go to the cafe/bar on site to sit by the river with a drink rather than attempt another walk.

On Monday we had to be off the site by 11.00am so had a lazy start to the day before packing away and travelling home.

7-10 June 2019