Monday, 26 February 2018

Cali has been to Padstow

We haven't had any overnight stops since Christmas as each weekend we've been free the forecast has been awful.  Last weekend the forecast was for cold and dry, so we booked three nights at Padstow Touring Park.   It's a private site just outside of Padstow with a footpath leading to the Camel Trail.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and set up on site.  As the site is open all year round, there was a lot of work taking place in the toilet blocks and reception, but the available facilities were very good.  After a bitterly cold night we woke to a heavy frost and used the remote control to switch the heater on before we ventured out from under the duvet.  We walked into Padstow towards the Camel Trail along one of the muddiest paths I've ever seen!  By the time we arrived in Padstow my feet felt so heavy I thought I was wearing diving boots.  We walked the Camel Trail to Wadebridge (stopping off en route to paddle in the sea and try to get some mud off our boots).

Camel Trail towards Padstow (on the left) and Rock (on the right)

The day was bitterly cold even thought it was quite bright with a lovely blue sky.  After eating our sandwiches at Wadebridge and a cup of tea to warm us up we headed back to Cali.   We cleaned boots and trousers ready for the following day's walk before having an something to eat and an early night.

Pitch 59 with freshly cleaned boots!

Saturday was lovely - still cold, but bright and sunny without the biting wind.  We couldn't face the mud on the footpath to Padstow so caught the bus from outside the campsite into Padstow.  After pottering around the shops in Padstow and buying a pasty for our lunch, we walked the coast path to Stepper Point.

Harbour Cove towards Stepper Point

Returning to Padstow we were a little early for the bus so went to the Old Custom House for a drink.  I'm not sure if it was combination of the walk, cold weather, alcohol or whatever, but we were both so tired we were in bed for 9.00pm and didn't wake until about 7.00am the next day!

On Sunday we had a leisurely breakfast before packing up and driving home, stopping at Port Isaac for a walk and a pot of tea and cake at the Chapel Cafe.

Port Isaac harbour

We had a great weekend and liked the site, although it will be one for us to visit out of season when it's not too busy.  Hopefully it won't be too long until we go away again!

22-26 February 2018

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  1. Hi Kath, Bueatiful scenery. Glad you had a nice time. Sue