Sunday, 5 August 2018

Cali has been to Wareham

It seems ages since our holiday, so it was good to spend my birthday weekend in Cali at the Hunter's Moon Caravan Club Site at Wareham.  It's a lovely site that we visited regularly when we had our caravan, but this is the first visit with Cali.

Pitch 55, Hunter's Moon Club Site

We arrived on Thursday and spent the afternoon on site, moving our table and chairs to find some shade as it was so hot.  It was my birthday on Friday, so we walked from the site into Wareham which was an easy walk of about three miles.  We then decided to do one of the River Walks, which was a bit disappointing as there were very tall reeds between the path and the river so we didn't get to see many of the boats.  When we did get an open section the views were lovely.  When we got back to Wareham we found a cafe with air conditioning for tea and cake!

River Frome

On Saturday we decided to walk around Wareham Forest.  There are lots of footpaths and cycle tracks through the forest so we chose one walk so we could walk to the top of Woolsbarrow Hillfort.  It turned into a slightly longer walk than we had planned as there was a herd of cows across one of the paths that were rather too interested in us so we decided to find another footpath to avoid walking through them.  We enjoyed the walk and there were plenty of beautiful views, but as it was so hot we were glad to get back to Cali.

View from top of Woolsbarrow Hillfort

Sunday morning was spent on site reading the paper before we packed up and headed back home.  It was a lovely weekend and there are so many walks we can do from the site, so definitely we will luse again.  Hunter's Moon is open all year round so it's a site we can return to over the winter too.

2-5 August 2018

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  1. Kath, Glad you had such a nice time away for your birthday. Thanks for sharing the photos of the beautiful scenery. Sue