Sunday, 17 February 2019

Cali has been to Stourhead and Stonehenge Campsite

It seems ages since we've been away in Cali, so were pleased to hear the forecast for the weekend was good.  It was a challenge to find a site at such short notice - not many open for the winter and also it's the start of half term but we managed to book a pitch at Stonehenge Campite which had been recommended to us.

We had an early start and visited Stourhead, a National Trust site we had wanted to visit since seeing photographs of the beautiful gardens and woodlands.  It didn't disappoint and it one of the best NT places we've visited - the gardens were beautiful (even on a grey winter day) with so many viewpoints and cute grottos.  The house was closed for the winter but there was one room open where the volunteers explained about the renovation and cleaning process for the house - they have 150 volunteers working over the winter to get the house ready for opening in the spring!

Stourhead Lake

Stourhead Lake

The Grotto

After leaving Stourhead we went to the Stongehenge site - which wasn't what we were expecting.  The pitch we had booked wasn't available so they gave us another small pitch next to the Camp Kitchen.  It was probably in a better location than the original pitch, but not one that we would have chosen as the pitches were all so close and our pitch was also used as a short cut for people using the kitchen!  The toilet blocks were basic, which is fine, but they were grubby, which isn't fine.  

Pitch 11 Stonehenge Campsite

Although the site wasn't great, it did give us a change to try the new Rainbow Screens pop-up cover, windscreen and rear window covers.  They worked really well and kept us warm whilst also reducing condensation.

16-17 February 2019

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  1. Hi Kath, The garden looks lovely. Somewhere to visit when the weather is better.

    Shame the toilet block was dirty.

    Glad you enjoyed the time away and the new covers worked out well. Sue