Sunday, 7 April 2019

Cali has been to Bridport

We've been to Bridport Bingham Grange Club Site for the weekend - a new site on the Caravan Club network.  The site is still awaiting an upgrade so pitches were allocated as they are all different shapes and sizes.  The pitch we were allocated wasn't very deep but was lovely and wide with a small garden area too.  After setting up on a very cold and wet Friday afternoon, we popped to the onsite bar for a couple of drinks to dry out and warm up.

Pitch 25 Bridport Bingham Grange

We woke to a lovely sunny morning on Saturday and walked to Bridport.  After all the rain we'd had it was quite muddy walking across fields, but it was an easy walk.  We weren't sure how much walking we would be able to do from the site, so we also checked out the footpaths in the area.  There's plenty of walks to keep us busy.

Walking towards Pymore

We had another lovely morning on Sunday and spent it reading the papers and having a walk around the woodlands adjacent to the site.  We packed up just before midday and as Steve was driving off the levelling ramps I noticed something in the tyre.  It looked like the head off a bolt, but after removing it from the tyre we had a flat within about a minute!  A quick call to VW Assist and the AA came to change the tyre for us.

The site is in a lovely location, but we didn't like the layout of the toilet blocks which were quite old and dated.  We spoke to the wardens who said the site is due a major upgrade next winter when all the facilities will be improved.  With this in mind, we're going to return, but not until next year after the upgrade..

5-7 April 2019

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  1. Hi Kath, Glad you got away and the weather wasn't too bad.

    Once the site is updated, it will be nice for you to visit again and take on some of the walk.

    Good job the AA came out to change the tyre.

    Hope you have a nice evening. Sue